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Advice for refugees fleeing conflict overseas

Змініть мову за допомогою інструмента вгорі сторінки

The Police in the United Kingdom take hate crime very seriously. Most citizens are supportive of those who have to flee strife where they live but, as in any society, there are others who will take advantage of new arrivals or even demonstrate hostility towards them.

The police do not tolerate the targeting of anyone based on their ethnicity or other characteristic.

Your immigration status is irrelevant and everyone has a right to live their life in the UK free from targeted abuse, whether you are here temporarily or permanently.

The True Vision website provides a lot of information about hate crime and related matters and allows the reporting of hate crime online. 

You can even report hate crime anonymously or through a non-police organisation if needed.

Advice for travelling refugees

​Our colleagues in British Transport Police have provided advice for people on how to tay safe when travelling. This is attached below in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Victims and witnesses of war crimes

The police want to hear from witnesses who have evidence of war crimes occurring anywhere in the world. This page will provide details and links to reporting such material

Specific help for those fleeing conflict in Ukraine

The UK Government has posted information for new arrivals and those seeking to offer support. The details can be found here and a 'welcome guide' is copied below.

There are many examples of local community support to refugees arriving in the UK. One such example is these excellent online resources provided for Ukrainian speakers wanting to learn the basics of the English language.

These video resources are available here