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National Online Hate Crime Hub

The National Police Chiefs' Council hosts a team of officers to assist in responding to online hate crimes. Unlike police forces they do not operate outside office hours so this is not a 24 hour emergency service.

If there is any immediate risk, then please dial 101 or 999 to tell the police of any danger.

If you're not sure whether offensive material is a crime, please view this page to find more information.

To ensure that urgent matters receive an early response, please read the message below to ensure your report goes to the correct part of the police service. 

If any one of these three factors apply then please choose to report direct to your local police (By choosing "At a specific location" on the report and selecting your local police force)

If none of these apply then you may select the 'online' option when you report.  

  1. Does the offending puts you or other named individuals in immediate danger or risk of harm?
  2. Do you know the real-name identity of the person posting the material (not just their user name)?
  3. Does the material relates to a future event, for example a protest march or football match?

Please click here
to report hate material to the police