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What is an Independent Advisory Group? (IAG)

One of key principles of the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry was that agencies needed to ensure that the voice of victims is heard as decisions are made. Police and partners should be transparent in their decisions and the levels of service they offer.

Independent Advisory Groups are the way police formalise this advice, it is a self-selecting group that appoints its own chair and deputy. It is made up of victims, academics, advocacies and other experts and acts as a critical partner, having a seat on strategic and operational groups. The group is represented on Strategic and operational boards and scrutinises police performance. They are seen by police managers as a critical friend.

Mike Ainsworth, the current chair of the IAG summarises their role;

IAG members are selected . . . . 

The IAG is grateful to hear the views of anyone with experience of hate crime. They are not able to intervene in individual cases but are keen to hear general views of how the police and partners respond to hate crime.

Communicating with the IAG

You can send an email to the group here but please do not send urgent matters as it is not constantly monitored and please not that this goes into a police email system which is then forwarded by officers to the IAG chair. If you want to communicate without police awareness you can ask to be contacted by the IAG directly.