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There is a huge overlap between hate crime, hate speech and the promotion of terrorism. 

The internet is used by some people to encourage terrorist acts.

You can play your part in preventing terrorist violence by sharing information that you may be aware of, whether it is online or in your community.

There are many ways to report, even anonymously and the police will handle information with sensitivity and confidentially.

If there is an immediate threat they should always call the police by dialling 999 but you can report non-urgent concerns online.

For more information or to report terrorist related materials, click the links below.

Report suspicious activity
to Counter-Terrorism Police >>

Report terrorism or espionage
to MI5 (The Security Service) >>

Report online materials
that promote terrorism >>

If there is an immediate threat you should always call the police by dialling 999 

Reporting Online Internet Materials

You can report terrorist related material anonymously to the Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU)  through the iREPORTit app which you can download free on Apple or Android devices

The CTIRU teamed up with the Mayor of London and Raven Science (a tech spin-out from City, the London University) to develop this national public referral app for online terrorist content. 

The iREPORTit app allows people to refer worrying or disturbing content to the CTIRU easily, effectively and, crucially, completely anonymously. There should be no safe space for terrorists online – the CTIRU have a team of specially trained officers who can assess each referral and take appropriate action. 

The app has been created in London but is built for use across the country as extremism does not recognise the invisible borders that separate us. 

Terrorist content online has consequences in real life.

Download #iREPORTit today, and anonymously report disturbing online content.