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If you report a hate crime to the Police, you will be given an incident log number and an officer will contact you to discuss what has happened.

Depending on what has happened, you may need to give a statement at a police station. When you contact the Police it is useful to explain that you believe you have been a victim of hate crime so they can make sure you get the right support.

The officer who is dealing with the incident will keep you updated and make sure you know what is happening next. All of the Welsh Police Forces now have Hate Crime Support Officers – people that have received specialist training in understanding hate crimes, the effect they have on people, and how they can be dealt with effectively. If you are not offered a Hate Crime Support Officer then you can ask for one.

The 4 Welsh Police Forces are committed to preventing and tackling hate crime, but can only do this with your help. If you have experienced a hate crime, please tell someone.

What if I don’t want to talk to the Police?

Victim Support Cymru is an independent National Charity set up over 40 years ago whose sole purpose is to support Victims of Crime.

The Welsh Government has funded Victim Support to run the National Hate Crime Report and Support Centre Wales as the official support provider for victims of hate crimes and incidents in Wales, in addition to being the National third party reporting centre.

Victims can refer themselves directly to their dedicated hate crime team anonymously and confidentially without informing the Police to access support services;

Telephone: 0300 30 31 982 (FREE 24/7)

Or complete the online referral form on their website 

If you contact the Police directly using 101 or 999, your details will automatically be passed to Victim Support.

Victim Support’s services are completely FREE and include:

  • Advocacy
  • Emotional Support
  • Personal Safety
  • Home Security
  • Crime Reduction Advice
  • Practical Support
  • Serious Injury Compensation Claim Assistance (CICA)
  • Financial Support

Victim Support can offer face to face support in your own home, support over the phone or within a community outreach setting.

We also offer FREE Hate Crime Awareness Sessions to Community Groups, and all Statutory bodies, which can be enquired about by contacting