Prosecuting Hate Crimes



The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the principal public prosecution service for criminal cases in England and Wales.

In undertaking this role, the CPS:

  • advises the police during the early stages of investigations; 
  • determines the appropriate charges in all but the most routine cases; 
  • keeps all cases under continuous review and decides which cases should be prosecuted; 
  • prepares cases for prosecution in court and prosecutes the cases with in-house advocates, or instructs agents and counsel to present cases; 
  • provides information and assistance to victims and prosecution witnesses; 
  • engages with communities to help improve our work; and 
  • addresses offending using out-of-court alternatives or ‘disposals’ where appropriate.

For more information visit the CPS website at

Internet Offences

The Director of Public Prosecutions has issued guidance on when Internet based offences should be prosecuted. The guidance can be found here

International Prosecutors Training

The Coucil of Europe's HELP Programme has created a pan-Europe online course for hate crime designied for prosecuors and judges in it's 47 member states.

The course is available for any user in the HELP platform

Users have access by creating an account in the platform 


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