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 An ACPO spokesman said:

“In order to increase the reporting of hate crime, the police have a web facility called True Vision ( The site provides information to victims of hate crime and also allows them to report to a secure online reporting mechanism.

“True Vision has analysed the reports received following the tragic murder of Lee Rigby. In the week following the murder, 136 complaints were identified, including physical offences and internet material . The number of complaints peaked on the day after the murder and have fallen since then.”

For information:

  • It is not possible to give details about how many of these reports were recorded as crimes and how many were recorded as non-crime incidents because they are recorded by individual forces. Neither is it possible to say how many resulted in arrests.
  • It is known that some reports duplicated the same material. Therefore these figures relate to the number of complaints received, rather than the number of specific incidents.
  • The data does not include offences reported directly to a police force through other reporting mechanisms.
  • The most recent data for 29 May 2013 show four reports of anti-muslim activity.
  • In the week prior to the murder, 27 reports of anti-Muslim activity were identified