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A charity which records antisemitic incidents has published a new guide to help other minority communities monitor hate crime.

A Guide to Fighting Hate Crime was written by the Community Security Trust with the help of a grant from the Home Office Victims' Fund.

The booklet includes guidance on:

  • defining and recognising hate crimes
  • how to respond to different types of hate crimes, such as assault, abusive graffiti or hate-mail
  • forming partnerships with the police and other agencies supporting victims

Free from fear

James Brokenshire, minister for crime prevention, said: 'The government is committed to ensuring that everyone has the freedom to live free from fear of hostility or harassment.

'This guide imparts many years of CST's valuable experience in successfully fighting hate crime and I hope it benefits other communities who find themselves targeted.'

CST has recorded antisemitic hate crimes on behalf of the Jewish community since 1984, and became an official Third Party Reporter of hate crimes to the police in 2001.

Copies of A Guide to Fighting Hate Crime are available here.